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Thank you for considering Vulcreate. Please complete the form, providing some details about your project. We'll then reach out to schedule a  meeting and offer a tailored quote based off the provided information. Once the form is completed you'll receive a link to an NDA for you to download, review, and sign for your protection.


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Physical Prototypes | Software Engineering | Site Development | Animations

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Featured Work

The Project

PureBio Industries came to Vulcreate with an idea for a device to "Automate Labware Sterilization and remove Endotoxins, providing a much more pure product."

PureBio needed:

1.  The Mechanical/Electrical Engineering done to make a physical product to sell.
2. An official website developed to begin doing business.
3. Animations to present on their site/to investors.
4. Renders of their product in action display how it works.


The Engineering

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"In what I imagine had to be record time - Vulcreate was able to make a 3d model of my idea, exactly as I had envisioned. They included every single component needed for my product to function whether it was - every electrical component properly placed, the misting system, every single piece of the casing for assembly - all of it. I suddenly had closure on my idea knowing now exactly how it will function."


The Animations/Renders

"They then gave me these videos of my product in action - it showed the misters, every nozzle, tube, bottle, case, everything had the exact material I wanted, color I wanted, it even had my logo slapped right on the product! Along with it were perfect pictures of my device displayed. The process couldn't have been more exciting."


The Website

"Within no time Vulcreate had PureBio's fully functional - not to mention, beautiful - site up and running. Everything was connected to my business accounts so I'd receive all inquiries to my desired email, and all purchases made goes directly to my account. The whole process was unbelievably simple and exciting. Vulcreate made it easier than ever to not only go from having an idea to a prototype - but having an idea to a full-on business."


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