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Concept Design

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3D Modeling


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Step 1. Initial IP Discussion

We initiate discussions with our affiliated network of IP attorneys. Our close collaboration with seasoned intellectual property lawyers ensures that your product not only benefits from expert guidance but also remains protected every step of the way. This partnership empowers us to provide comprehensive advice on patents, trademarks, and other essential protections, setting a strong foundation for your product.

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Step 2. Choosing Your Legal Expertise

As your project progresses, the importance of having the right legal guidance becomes paramount. We've curated a network of top-tier IP attorneys, each with their unique strengths and specializations. At this juncture, we'll collaborate with you to handpick the attorney best suited to your product's nature and your business needs. This ensures that you're not just legally protected but also strategically positioned for success.

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Step 3. Filing

At this stage, we assist in filing a provisional patent, which serves as a placeholder for your invention. This not only grants you a "patent pending" status, offering protection as you further develop and market your concept, but also buys you time to assess the viability and value of your idea. With our expert guidance and the proficiency of our affiliated IP attorneys, we ensure that this crucial step is executed seamlessly, providing your invention its deserved shield against imitations.

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Get in Touch

Thank you for considering Vulcreate. Please complete the contact form, providing some details about your project. We'll then reach out to schedule a discovery meeting and offer a tailored quote.


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