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Concept Design

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3D Modeling


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 Concept Design

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Step 1. Initial Meeting

Our initial meeting revolves around a collaborative discussion with our adept design and engineering ensemble. Whether we connect in a shared space or virtually, our prime focus is to resonate with your vision. As we navigate your ideas, our seasoned expertise surfaces to propose innovative solutions and recommend the most suitable technologies for your product. This juncture also provides the canvas to chart out product specifications, align business aspirations, set realistic timelines, address budgetary nuances, formulate revenue blueprints, and crystallize the desired product look and feel. Together, let's sculpt your idea into a tangible masterpiece.

Step 2. Research

Following our first meeting, our team dives into understanding your market competition. We research both direct and indirect competitors to grasp the full picture. Knowing the competition helps us identify gaps in the market, ensuring your product has a unique edge. We also set a target retail price early on. This guides our design decisions, keeping manufacturing costs in line, and ensuring your product is priced just right for the market.

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Step 3. Sketches

After gathering insights from our research, we move to creating digital concept sketches of your product idea. Within the next 2 days, our design team starts to visualize potential designs and styles for your product, allowing  us to imagine the look and function of your product without software limitations. Plus, we make sure our sketches are patent-ready, so you can start safeguarding your idea immediately.

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